Dressing for success in Melbourne

First impressions count, and your professional wardrobe is a big part of your first impression. Just because you work in a professional setting doesn’t mean you have to look stuffy. Here are a few guidelines for looking good but not “too” good.

Dress according to your job tasks. If you will be interacting with customers in a professional situation, you will need to dress sharply to make a good first impression. If you work at a casual company, in the back room or your job involves getting dirty, you may have more freedom in how you dress.

Wear clothes that fit you. You don’t have to be a size 0 (because zero’s not a size) to look good but you do need to wear clothes that fit you properly.

o    Don’t wear anything too small. If your pants bunch around your thighs and waist, they’re too small. If you can’t cross your arms in front of you without your sleeves exposing your wrists, your shirt is too small. Also, if your buttons gape at the front, your shirt is once again, too small.

o    Don’t wear anything too large, either. Choose clothing that fits you without being baggy or floppy. Shorten hems on trousers and sleeves if necessary.

Keep your hair and makeup simple.

o    You’ll save time. Try to keep your morning routine for hair and makeup under about 30 minutes.

o    You’ll avoid looking overdone. Have you ever seen people wearing so much hairspray they look like their hair might break if they fall? Find a balance between good grooming and endless primping.

Emphasize the positives. If you have great legs, wear skirts. Just make sure they’re an appropriate length (no more than 2 inches above the knee). Great figure? Well-fitting slacks with a sharp crease will look amazing on.


  • Don’t have a lot of money to spend on clothes? That’s fine - keep it simple. Solids never go out of style. Having a few pair of slacks (black, tan, brown, pin stripe), some solid-colour tops and a few simple skirts will work perfectly well. Then you can just add a piece or two, a few accessories or shoes each season and your wardrobe will be dressed up.
  • Know you look good! There’s nothing more attractive than a person who is confident, comfortable and happy.
  • Try to find the balance between old-fashioned and modern.

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Summer in Melbourne

Now that the weather’s getting warmer, the fashion isn’t changing drastically like it would in American but it defiantly is getting a lot warmer. I’ve noticed that Melbournians mostly still cover the same percentage of their bodies as they do in winter, but with lighter fabrics and colors. For instance, instead of wearing dark-washed jeans or leggings and a bulky sweater, you wear a light tan, flowy maxi skirt and a white oxford shirt. Your choice of summer clothes and most teenagers dress to their subcultures, I.e a hipster will wear undie shorts, half tops a wanna be indie will wear a buttoned up t-shirt with a skirt or with reasonable lengthed shorts.

Even though there is ‘fashion’ that a lot of people fellow, I have noticed that no one is the same everyone adds there won little personal touch which is what makes Melbourne fashion so unique. 


Melbourne in winter


One thing that I have noticed about Melbourne is that people in Melbourne really know how to dress.

I’ve always had a real soft spot in my heart for fashion. I love that fashion has the ability to transform anyone with a simple piece of clothing. Being a creative soul at heart, I loved the opportunity to play with shapes and colors and textures and details. I find it a thrill every morning to piece together what I want to look like that day.

Melbourne is cosmopolitan, posh, swanky, and sometimes chilly and wet. Women here wear bulky sweaters with skin-tight leggings and ankle boots. They wear their hair in tight little buns on top of their heads. “Casual wear” entails a baggy flannel tucked into a skirt with an oversized cardigan over. And don’t get me started on what we wear out at night…As for the boys: tight, dark-washed skinny jeans with low-cut v-necks and Oxford shoes or Vans. Growing up and learning about fashion I’ve leant to put away the bright skirts, the hot pink dresses, the patterned tops, and go shopping for something a little less…ostentatious.

Melbournians love their black. And their boots. Which that is where I started. I noticed lots of people wearing black lace-up boots. Some went all the way up to the knee, others stayed around the mid-ankle area. Next was some sort of oversized coat. Something else that is a must have to surviving winter in Melbourne is black jeans, a good pair of black tights, several dark-colored shirtdresses, and a good scarf. You will now be set for winter in Melbourne.

Zero is not a size!
Eating disorders is becoming more and more common in today society. it is important for everyone to realise that they are beautiful and that their size doesn’t matter. Most importantly ZERO IS NOT A SIZE!

Zero is not a size!

Eating disorders is becoming more and more common in today society. it is important for everyone to realise that they are beautiful and that their size doesn’t matter. Most importantly ZERO IS NOT A SIZE!

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